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All patients prior to the procedure, balloon plasty was performed MRI and CT scan to exclude tumor of the nature of the stricture, and also to visualize areas of narrowing, its localization and, in some cases, length. All patients underwent urine culture was performed and antibiotic therapy according to the results. Patients with advanced chechnya.grozny system (CHLS) was used to nephrostomy and subsequent balloon dilatation antegrade. Patients not in need of tadacip generic viagra and nephrostomy, retrograde used the access. In-room produced antegrade or retrograde urography, visualized the localization of the stricture and its permeability for a contrast agent, if "full block" produced recanalization of strictures steerable hydrophilic guide of 0.035 inch (Cordis) or roadrunner (Cook), and then through a conductor to the area of narrowing was established balloon catheter Mustang Boston or the Power flex Cordis with a diameter of 4 6 mm and a length of from 20 to 60 mm, depending on the length of the stricture. Then perform the dilation of the stricture for 2 to 3 minutes under a pressure of 15 ATM 20 to the disappearance of the "symptom" waist. The adequacy of the procedure has been performed was evaluated after removal of the balloon catheter, the criterion of success was the free flow of contrast through the dilated area. The procedure is completed the external-internal drainage of the ureter.

When you break the egg echographically marked unevenness, blurring the contours of tadacip generic viagra and the body, heterogeneity of echostructure, the accumulation of fluid with dispersed suspension in the cavity of your own vaginal sheath of the testicle (haematocele). Haematocele is the pathognomonic symptom of a ruptured testicle and is an absolute indication for surgical treatment - audit of the scrotum in the emergency order.

Given our findings, demonstrating the possibility of tadacip generic viagra and detection of OWS 4 years after the operation, the monitoring strategy should include continuous ultrasonic monitoring of all children after EK using PPC.

Understanding that a direct projection of tadacip generic viagra and the accumulated experience of the EC with other implants is the wrong strategy came quickly and primarily concerned the volume of injected implant. If one of the first works devoted to the results of the use of CPT, B. Chertin and colleagues report the average volume of the implant is introduced 0.8 ml, two years later, another group of authors under the leadership of J. P. Corbetta reports average used volume of 0.6 ml, as published in the same year multicentrum study S. Kocherov et al. reported reduction in the average volume of the bolus to 0.4 ml Thus, volume reduction transmission allows to maintain a high probability of eliminating reflux and reduces the probability of formation of OWS.

Because really all people are different tolerate pain, and pain itself is very heterogeneous in characteristics and has a different intensity, localization, manifestation. One pain is causing significant physical and psychological discomfort and significantly impairs quality of tadacip generic viagra and life.

The study included data from 49 patients who underwent surgical treatment in our center between 2000 and 2014. Thirty patients underwent at least one examination. 18 conducted several surveys: 4 patients 2 survey, 11-1 and three - 4. Data obtained in 8 cases, were clinically significant and the additional examination is set: stricture of the bladder neck (n = 5), scar in the bladder (n = 2) and bladder stones (n = 1). VUR was detected in all 30 patients, the TMR a high degree of tadacip generic viagra and 10 patients, all patients in this group revealed a stricture at the bladder neck. In 14 of 30 patients in bladder capacity of more than 90 ml at the first examination, to this were added 8 more children since the first survey. Bladder capacity decreased to less than 90 ml in one child. 7 children failed to achieve the desired capacity of the bladder.

Follow-up examination of patients was performed at different times after surgery (at 1, 3, 6 months, 1 year, 4 years), were examined 240 patients. There were no complaints, the survey revealed a good cosmetic result, varicose veins in the scrotum do not Alpinopolis, alloy Valsalva were negative. Ultrasound scrotum with Doppler was performed in all patients, in 4 cases (1.2 %) were identified reflux of venous blood in probabililty, advanced more than 3.5 mm and deformed (twisted) veins botryoidal plexus, which was interpreted as recurrence of varicocele. Postoperative complications developed in 10 patients (3,2 %) patients at the stage of tadacip generic viagra and implementation of the methodology of atrophy of the testicle in a single case (0,31 %), one case of malnutrition of the testis (0,31 %), hydrocele in 8 patients (2,53 %). A thorough analysis of the causes of complications and recurrences. Patients with recurrences carried out venography with endovascular occlusion - venous collaterals identified testicular vein as a cause of relapse. Hypotrophy of the testis, in our opinion, was developed as a result of ligation of the veins of the VAS deferens, which led to the block of venous collaterals and, as a consequence, long-term damage to the testicle. Atrophy of the testicle, in our opinion, was caused by the ligation of the testicular artery and damage to the artery of the VAS deferens during ligation of the veins of the VAS deferens. Postoperative hydrocele was developed in the impossibility of selective ligation of the veins of the spermatic cord with their multiple entanglements, when it was not possible to identify and preserve lymphatic vessels.

The result was significant improvement in the total score of the NIH-CPSI (mainly due to the level of pain and quality of tadacip generic viagra and life) and reducing the intensity of pain at YOUR. Also showed a significant increase in the total indicators of ICEF and the international film festival 22.6% and 16.4%, respectively, which is most pronounced in blocks of erectile and mental components of the copulative function and improved the patient's views about his sexual potency in General. At the same time, significant dynamics of IPSS and QOL are not marked so as to start of treatment significant violations of these parameters was not observed. Overall, the effectiveness of therapy as highly regarded in 9 (29,0%) patients and satisfactory in 22 (71.0 per cent).

UPJ obstruction (UPJO) is the primary cause of hydronephrosis in children and can lead to the disruption or loss of kidney function. However, diagnosis of tadacip generic viagra and the degree of obstruction and the extent of kidney damage based on invasive and often ambiguous data neprezentare. Currently, very acute problem of allocation of potential biomarkers from urine, which would allow to assess the degree of kidney damage, and that can be used for early and more accurate diagnosis of the severity of obstruction. In response to UPJO increased intrarenal pressure, which affects the permeability of the proximal tubules. We hypothesized that proteins expressed in the proximal tubule, will be early enough to get into the urine and can be an effective non-invasive markers of severity of the disease in patients with UPJO.

The first visit (V1) for 3 days prior to the manipulation, which was interpreted by the results of the screening tests (clinical blood analysis, clinical urine analysis, biochemical blood analysis (total bilirubin, creatinine, glucose, ALT, AST, CRP), bacteriological urine culture. On the second visit (V2) after 7 days were evaluated the following laboratory data: General clinical analysis of blood, clinical analysis of tadacip generic viagra and urine and bacteriological urine culture. We also evaluated the patients tolerability of the drug Combiflex and each patient was carried out thermometry. The third visit (V3) after 15 days from the date of the manipulation, where they carried out monitoring laboratory tests clinical blood analysis, clinical urine analysis, biochemical blood analysis (total bilirubin, creatinine, glucose, ALT, AST, CRP). In the presence of leukocyturia in clinical analysis of urine were microbiologically examined and, in case of detection of microorganisms, bacteriological urine culture. Also conducted monitoring of the evaluation of tolerability of combined antimicrobial drug Combiflex in accordance with the study Protocol tolerability of combined antimicrobial drug Combiflex.

Transplantation, benign prostatic hyperplasia, transurethral resection of tadacip generic viagra and the prostate, impaired urination, urinary incontinence, as the pelvic floor.

The deterioration of tadacip generic viagra and the quality of sexualasian was not there. 5 (0,3%) males marked the emergence of a reactive hydrocele, which during the month was stopped. Of these, 4 (80%) cases have necessitated a single vodjanovoj aspiration of fluid under ultrasound control without the additional introduction of ethanol, in one case (20%) underwent surgical treatment. Upon further observation within 12 months, the decrease in the volume of testis after surgical treatment of varicocele is not revealed in any of their observations.

Thus, comprehensive examination of tadacip generic viagra and the vast number of tadacip generic viagra and patients with CPPS were identified in objective (urodynamics, neurophysiological, radiological) changes, testifying in favor of the fact that this condition is a variant of neurogenic dysfunction of the pelvic floor and the pelvic organs, with high probability, vertebrogenic nature. Have to 66.7 and 91.7% of patients identified anatomical refunctionalize violation lumbosacral spine and peripheral nerves (mainly region L4-S1), the excess of the normal level of latent period bulbocavernous reflex (58,3 66,7 MS) and decrease in conduction velocity of dorsalnogo nerve of the penis (16,4-18,7 km/h). Our results coincide with the data of individual literary sources on the role of pathological changes pudendal nerve in the development of symptoms of dysfunction of the pelvic organs, SNMP and pelvic pain.

Prolonged monitoring of tadacip generic viagra and patients with symptomatic cysts of the kidney, subjected to surgical intervention showed that retroperitoneoscopic cyst decortication is an effective and safe treatment option for such pathologies. After surgery, length of stay in hospital and a small rehabilitation occurs in a very short period of time.

Before you start the clinical part of tadacip generic viagra and the study included determination of resistance of selected microorganisms in urological patients of our hospital to the bacteriophage preparations (Fig. 3).

Balloon dilatation performed in 10 patients, aged 52 to 72 years (61,2 - 1.0 years) with ureteral strictures were classified as ischemic. 5 patients developed strictures after setprotection performed for cancer of tadacip generic viagra and the bladder, with the formation of an intestinal reservoir in 2 patients after radiation therapy carried out for malignant tumors of the pelvic organs, 3 patients had postoperative iatrogenic strictures.