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Ischemic injury begins with clipping of the vessels and continues until the removal clips. Reperfusion, especially its beginning, enhances the previous complications. Is saturated with oxygen, while the mitochondrial mechanism has not yet been restored, warm and infiltration of sildenafil trial pack and recipient cells. And, equally important, these injuries have serious immunological consequences, in particular by activation of innate immunity.

Urolithiasis transplanted kidney occurs more often than in the General population. Its symptoms it is easier than usual due to the lack of innervation, but the gravity is stronger, due to immunosuppression. In addition, urolithiasis is one-sided. Often diagnosis ICD random, due to the increased surveillance. Treatment of sildenafil trial pack and urolithiasis transplanted kidney, the same as their own kidneys.

Our results confirmed the high efficiency we have developed a minimally invasive scrotal access when performing microsurgical varicocele with minimum percentage of complications in the postoperative period and disease recurrence, compared with existing methods. The decline in the number of sildenafil trial pack and postoperative complications such as hydrocele, due to the preservation of lymphatic vessels. Thus, according to some authors, the overall percentage of occurrence of hydrocele after surgery Palomo was 8.2%, 0.4% subinguinal microsurgical varicocele of 2.8% laparoscopic varicocele and 7.3% after the operation of Ivanissevich (p = 0.001).

Performed a bibliographic search in the databases Medline and Embase by using key words and their combinations: autosomal dominant polycystic disease in children, complications, removal of sildenafil trial pack and the native kidney transplantation in children. Articles were selected according to their methodology, the language of publication (English/French), attitude to the subject and date of publication. Considered only prospective or retrospective French and English studies, literature review, metaanalysis and recommendations. After selection by title and conclusions of the remaining 52 articles.

According to the teams of sildenafil trial pack and surgeons working with the vascular structures and anastamose with the use of microtechnology, technical difficulties do not occur more often than when working with adult patients. Graft survival in children is higher than adults, the cost of immunosuppressive treatment is the same. Viral complications post-transplantation lymphomas are the leading cause of death in children. Adolescents with complications associated with immunosuppressive treatment, is much higher than the probability of loss transpontina.

Redistribution in the urology Department of sildenafil trial pack and the City geriatric centre elderly patients will allow more efficient use of resources, on the one hand, multidisciplinary hospitals, on the other hand, Geriatric center, and to provide the best possible care to patients and improve their quality of life.

EPA is an effective minimally invasive treatment for BPH and may be considered as independent method as well as apply to reduce prostate volume in preparation for the subsequent ROUND or stage of treatment, with subsequent conservative therapy. EPA expands the Arsenal of sildenafil trial pack and the physician in choosing method of therapy of BPH and improves the results of treatment of the disease.

It is known that for male patients is characterized by the detection of sildenafil trial pack and a higher degree of reflux, compared with girls. It is possible that we have identified gender differences, showing a higher incidence of obstruction in boys is associated with increased risk of obstruction in patients with reflux of high degree.

The aim of sildenafil trial pack and the study was to evaluate the ability to perform Second-Look nephroscopy without anesthesia using plurigenera ureteroscope.

A comparative statistical analysis of sildenafil trial pack and the difference between groups I-III and II-IV according to the criterion of Pearson's Chi-squared obtained significant differences in groups I and III (p< 0,0001), between groups II and IV significant differences were not received. Therefore, antibacterial prophylaxis in patients with sterile urine before surgery has advantages over bacteriopheophytin in terms of sterile urine during the operation.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is one of the most common diseases in men, leading to the occurrence of lower urinary tract symptoms and quality of sildenafil trial pack and life. With the ineffectiveness of conservative treatment resort to surgical treatment. Traditional surgery for BPH, such as transurethral resection (TUR) and open adenomectomy, effectively eliminate the symptoms of the lower urinary tract, but involve a number of complications and limitations associated with the surgery and anesthesia. These factors encouraged the development of minimally invasive treatment of patients with BPH. Recent years, more and more data about the effectiveness and safety of embolization arteries prostate (EAP) as an independent method of treatment of patients with BPH. However, the literature describes cases of serious complications after EAP associated with non-target embolization of arterial regions of the pelvis.

As a rule, cysts of the kidneys are the cause of sildenafil trial pack and the patient's application to the doctor when it is larger than 5 cm in diameter, and in such situations, it is advisable to perform surgical intervention to improve the quality of life of the patient. In the treatment of symptomatic cysts of the kidneys traditionally used percutaneous aspiration of its contents with or without the introduction of sclerosing substances, however, after such treatment often observe the recurrence of the disease, so alternative, widely used at the present time is retroperitoneoscopic way to eliminate cysts with a low rate of complications.

Our study included 10 cases. Into the bladder under visual control cystoscopies was introduced 5 mm trocar. Then, overlap the seam and the restraint was carried out dissection. After mobilization of the ureter where the mouth was determined on a straight line above the original river mouth. The allocation of sildenafil trial pack and the submucosal tunnel was started from a new mouth and continued to the original, which is carefully carried through the tunnel. The ureter was carried out in the tunnel, the muscles were dissected to such a state to be free to hold the ureter from the base to the new mouth. At the end were spatulate terminal part of the ureter, mochetocnikov anastomosis imposed using monofilament 5-0 with intracorporeal overlay nodes.

The use of sildenafil trial pack and muscle relaxant of Central action in these patients proved to be ineffective. Currently no doubt about the relationship of chronic pain and depression. Therefore, this category of patients primarily in need of pharmacotherapy.

Data for the study was the results of chemical analysis and bacteriological examination 492 urinary calculi, removed, or departed quickly from 273 patients. Were men and 167 (61,1 %), female 106 (38.9 percent). The age of patients ranged from 19 to 83 years and the average was 46.6 15.7 per year. 78 (28,5 %) patients had unilateral nephrolithiasis, 42 (15,3 %) unilateral ureteral stones, at 153 (56.2 per cent) was bilateral recurrent kidney stones and the ureters. The majority of sildenafil trial pack and patients 196 (71,8 %) - asked for help in an emergency order, 77 (28.2 per cent) of patients received the planned treatment. Used standard bacteriological examination of the urine and of urinary calculi and special - gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, electron-emission microscopy of stones to identify the nanoparticles, investigation of the urine by the method of dynamic light scattering to determine the size of complexes BTKH. Studied the total microbial load in the various forms of nephrolithiasis.

The first reports on the use of sildenafil trial pack and copolymer of polyalcohol polyacrylate (CAT) appeared in 2010. The authors reported high efficiency (83,6-92,7%) of the new Byelorussia of the drug.