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Extra Super P Force is a drug which combines two effective active ingredients in an even greater (the maximum allowed) ratio, than similar drug Super P Force, and is the drug of double action: achieving and maintaining an erection and prolonging intercourse. The first problem is erectile dysfunction, second is premature ejaculation. These problems can occur independently from each other: in these cases come to the aid of medication Sildenafil and Dapoxetine, in this case the most effective drug Extra Super P Force, combining two active substances the following doses of Sildenafil 100 mg and Dapoxetine 100 mg. Because of its dual action Extra Super P Force is rapidly gaining popularity. The efficiency and quality of the drug Extra Super P Force has been proven and tested many times.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is one of extra super p force tablets and the most common urological diseases in men of extra super p force tablets and elderly and senile age. More than 50% of men aged 60 and above suffer from BPH. The choice of treatment of BPH depends on a number of factors, including the size of the prostate and the presence of concomitant somatic pathology. Contraindications to conventional surgical treatment of BPH are severe concomitant diseases, high anesthesiological risk, nekorrigiruemye coagulopathy. For the treatment of such patients use a variety of minimally invasive techniques. The advantages of minimally invasive techniques are the lack of need for General anesthesia, minimal risk of postoperative complications, reduce the duration of hospital stay. Such practices include prostatic artery embolization (EPA). The principle of the method based on the reduction of arterial inflow to the prostate gland, leading to a fairly rapid reduction in volume and reduction in symptoms of the lower urinary tract. In-room is performed puncture of the common femoral artery, the holding of a special microcatheter to the arteries of the prostate gland and is a selective embolization of microparticles with a diameter of 250 to 500 microns.

All patients noted positive dynamics in assessing the quality of urination. Epicystostomy drainage was removed all patients previously underwent treacherous cystostomy within 3 days after EPA. In 1 (8 %) patients, the effect of extra super p force tablets and EPA was insufficient (self urination recovered, but remained a large number of residual urine), in connection with which it took subsequent TUR of the prostate. In 1 (8 %) patient developed ischemia of the glans penis with superficial tissue necrosis. On the background of conservative therapy, the complication is completely resolved.

Performed a bibliographic search in the databases Medline and Embase by using key words and their combinations: allogeneic response, allogeneic transplantation, immunosuppression, ABO incompatible transplant, antibody donorspecific, НLA incompatibility, desensitization, children's transplantation. Articles were selected according to their methodology, the language of extra super p force tablets and publication (English/French), attitude to the subject and date of publication. Considered only prospective or retrospective French and English studies, literature review, meta-analysis and recommendations (4717 of the article). After selection by title and conclusions remained 141 article.

Syndrome painful bladder (SBMP) includes a triad of extra super p force tablets and symptoms: pain in the bladder, increased pain when bladder is full and frequent daytime and/or nighttime urination. Among patients up to 90% are women aged 30 to 50 years. This disease leads to reduced quality of life affects the mental status. Often these patients experience marked discomfort in the genital area that leads to a significant deterioration of socialization.

After the first stage of extra super p force tablets and treatment in the majority of patients were not registered was a significant reduction of symptoms and pain on the NIH-CPSI and YOUR and of summary indicators of ICEF and the international film festival. Values of IPSS and QOL also did not undergo significant changes. The overall efficacy of treatment with baclofen in all patients of this group can be regarded as low.

Patients with predominant pain and revealed neurophysiological changes after the consultation, the neurologist recommended therapy with baclofen (a muscle relaxant of Central action, an agonist of extra super p force tablets and GABAB receptors). The drug was administered in an initial dose of 5 mg 3 times a day, consistently increasing the dose every 3 days to the development of optimal therapeutic effect. Maximum dosage of 75 mg/day. The duration of treatment, to assess the effectiveness of U.S. $ 1 a month.

The widespread introduction of extra super p force tablets and radiation therapy in the treatment of malignant tumors of the pelvic organs, as well as the expansion of indications and scope of surgical interventions on the organs of abdominal cavity and small pelvis oncological, General surgical, urological and gynecological profile currently leads to an increase in the occurrence of ischemic strictures of the ureter. While the choice of treatment should be preferred is less traumatic and less continuous operations with absolute no increase in risk to life and health of the patient and preserve the quality of life. In addition, for patients with severe somatic pathology and high risk of postoperative complications, this method of eliminating strictures as balloon dilatation, is certainly preferable.

Performed a bibliographic search in the databases Medline and Embase by using key words and their combinations: transplantation, benign prostatic hyperplasia, transurethral resection of extra super p force tablets and the prostate, the urethral sphincter, urethropexy, urination disorders, urinary incontinence. Articles were selected according to their methodology, the language of publication (English/French) and realestate. Selective bibliography of these articles led to further find an interesting publication. Total identified 991 article. After selection by title, and realestate remaining 47 articles.

The purpose of extra super p force tablets and the study is to create a feature-rich application for your smartphone, designed for patients with ICD.

In all cases, the decision to transplantectomy should be balanced, taking into account the use in the form of extra super p force tablets and a stop immunosuppressive therapy and reduction of life expectancy (and quality) of the patients returned to hemodialysis. There are no clear recommendations about changing immunosuppressive therapy in these patients. Key elements in the decision are prognostic factors of cancer development and ease of access to the kidney.

MRI allows to obtain detailed information on the anatomy and functional status of extra super p force tablets and the urinary tract in children with REM, this method allowed to characterize the anomaly (diverticulum cups and dysplasia of the kidney) that have not previously been described in patients with REM. While scarring of the renal parenchyma, renal dysplasia and diverticula of the cups revealed by MRI in 10 patients and its clinical significance need to confirm on a larger population.

Smartphone applications play a significant role in the treatment of extra super p force tablets and enuresis in contrast to paper diaries. Apps available for download, have different quality, and patients difficult to choose the most suitable. We found the apps with the most rating with a clear interfeisom, easy to use and clearly defined purpose. The low rating is mainly due to low quality.

Methods of surgical treatment of extra super p force tablets and varicocele in children and adults varied, but none of them guarantee the absence of relapse or complications (hydrocele, atrophy of the testicle). Microsurgical varicocele podporovan access was first proposed by Dr. Joel L. Marmar in 1985 At the moment, surgery is the "gold standard" for the treatment of varicocele in adult patients.

Targeted determination of extra super p force tablets and non-invasive markers of kidney damage, it is extremely important to highlight groups of patients at high risk, surveillance of these patients and evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment. Proteins of the proximal tubules are determined in the urine of patients with obstruction of the LMS and can be used for effective prediction of UPJO.

To evaluate the safety and efficacy of extra super p force tablets and tablets of solifenacin succinate at a dose of 5 mg with miramiguoa at a dose of 50 mg (combination therapy) compared with monotherapy miramiguoa and solifenacin in patients with OAB for more than 12 months.

We found statistically significant difference between level of extra super p force tablets and CRP and parameters of DVSS scale between the study and control groups (P = 0.001, P = 0.001). There was a significant increase in the mean level of CRP l if you increase the frequency and urgentiste of urination >8, frequency bregetova incontinence >2.